Custom one time website maintenance is a package refer to the work that is done once based on task and not time and charged per page.

The service intended for website that need to update content only and incorporate some basic features like web form, gallery and slider.

If the work is done using more than 5 minutes and requires editing more than one page we charge 20,0000/=per page or less. check the sequence of charging below:

  1. A website with 1-10 pages will be charged TZS. 20,000/= per page
  2. A website with 11-30 pages will be charged TZS. 15,000/= per page
  3. A website with 31-50 pages will be charged TZS. 12,000/= per page
  4. A website with 50-100 pages will be charged TZS. 10,000/= per page
  5. A website with above 100 pages – open for negotiation

The service include but not limited to the following:

  1. Updating text, images, replacing pages
  2. Attach a good booking/feedback form, gallery, slider etc


  1. All the work above has no contract/agreement
  2. Professional script deployment will need a separate contract
  3. The work does not involve coding

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