Free Website Management Terms and Conditions

A) Definition of terms

At a go: All website management work done within 30 days
Customer: A consulting service recipient as a person OR an institution OR a legal representative of a customer
Document This Terms and Conditions
Parties: Both persons or entities responsible for this Terms and Conditions
Party: Either of the person or entity responsible for this Terms and Conditions
Webmaster: WebMagic Tanzania OR its legal representative as a person or as an institution responsible for website management and maintenance
Website Owner: A person or institution that own the website to be managed or maintained

B) Binding Declaration

    1. This service is strictly implemented under this terms and conditions.
    2. A customer needs to read carefully and understood it before accepting our offer.
    3. Once a customer accepted our offer, we assume that he/she has read and understood all terms included in this document
    4. A customer accepts this service as it is with no liabilities to the webmaster
    5. This service expires or come to an end if these situations occur
      1. Web hosting service expires OR
      2. A customer opts to deploy a different webmaster OR
      3. A customer opts not to continue with our free service offer OR
      4. Misunderstanding emerges that force us to withdraw from offering this service

C) This service resumes or restart if these situations occur

    1. Web hosting service has been renewed AND
    2. A customer notifies us that he/she intend to resume the agreement AND
    3. He/she is ready to comply with all terms and conditions included in this document (a website will be audited first to identify issues) AND
    4. All misunderstandings about this service are cleared if any

D) Terms and Conditions Duration

  1. This Terms and Conditions expires once the webhosting service expire and become active when the service is renewed

E)  Webmaster Obligations:

    1. The webmaster uses a maximum of 30 minutes in every 30 days to do the following:
    2. Updating and optimizing text, images in one or two pages
    3. Make sure the forms are working and protected
    4. Scripts updating
    5. Email Spam prevention
    6. Updating the website hardening to prevent cyber-attack
    7. Perform online website backup on major update
    8. Optimizing the website to be faster onsite
    9. Integrate with CloudFlare  – Partial method
    10. Implement social auto-share on 2 networks (conditions apply)
    11. Security and traffic monitoring

F) This plan does not include the following

    1. Script upgrade
    2. Deploying function au feature in the website
    3. Web site design/redesign or overhauling
    4. Content creation and uploading
    5. Professional optimization
    6. Manual website backup
    7. Any other work that is not mentioned in webmaster obligation section above

G) Customer Obligations:

    1. Contact the webmaster regularly and provides timely all required information that enable the webmaster achieve his/her duties smoothly
    2. Make sure no outstanding fees whatsoever for the website on question.
    3. Give the Webmaster FTP/FTPS access to the main site for web management purposes plus any other access such as control panel to access more server side features.
    4. Customer authorizes Webmaster use of all Customer logos, trademarks, Web site images, etc., for use in creating or updating pages and any other uses as deemed necessary by Webmaster

H) General Terms and Conditions:

    1. The customer who qualifies for this service must be our web design and hosting customers only
    2. Any new services that are not included here and is related to one of the above need a separate Terms and Conditions.
    3. A customer acknowledge that a webmaster has no control over the server performance and its features and related technologies, therefore any failure or inefficiency contributed by server failure is out of webmaster liability
    4. A customer acknowledge also that a webmaster has no control over any third-party scripts or services and therefore any failure or inefficiency contributed by third-party scripts or services failure is out of webmaster liability
    5. The Webmaster is not liable for changes made to the Website by other parties related to the website owner that adversely affect the website performance.
    6. Customer guarantees any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided to Webmaster for inclusion on the website above are owned by Customer, or that Customer has received permission from the rightful owner(s) to use each of the elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Webmaster and its subcontractors from any liability or suit arising from the use of such elements.
    7. Webmaster will change the administrative password of the website CMS and Control panel during contract period to avoid someone else override the work that is already done by the webmaster unless the customers choose otherwise.
    8. All other CMS administrators will be demoted to lower levels with less privileges
    9. Reporting media is through a registered email only (phones calls, sms, whatsapp and other means of communication can be used for urgent issues follow-ups only)
    10. A webmaster is free to update this Terms and Conditions with a 24 hrs notice to the customer.
    11. A webmaster can terminate this service by issuing a 24 hrs termination notice to the customer.

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