In Onetime SEO Website Management and maintenance package, the consultant will use at least 120 minutes once to do website management.

This package and service aim to optimize the website security (Cyber attack and spamming control) and top ranking in search engine especially Google

The service includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Updating and optimizing text, images, replacing pages all limited to 10 pages
  2. Attach a good booking/feedback form with spam filter
  3. Scripts updating add new and remove unwanted one for CMS based websites only
  4. Configure the website for good SEO. issues like URLS, Keywords, Sitemap, Social network links and posting, Canonization etc.
  5. Moving page content around to achieve relevancy to SEO- limited to 10 pages
  6. Adding blog news, posts etc (texts and images only) limited to 10 posts
  7. Optimizing the website to achieve more than recommended PageSpeed and YSlow meters, page load time, page size and page requests made which are good parameters for good SEO
  8. Hardening the website to prevent cyber attack
  9. Management and Maintenance Report
  • All the above at a fee of TZS. 150,000 / Year