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Starter Web Hosting

Starter Hosting Plan is a plan designed for very small websites and in many cases static sites with minimal traffics, owned by individuals or organizations, companies.  Our hosting is reliable Read more

Brochure Website Design Plan – TZS. 120,000 Save 40%

Summary The Brochure Website Design Plan is a 4  web pages  website for individuals, small organization and institutions that need a simple online presence for their customers. Suitable for online Read more

Semi Annual Website Management/Maintenance

In the above mentioned website maintenance package, the consultant will use at least 2 hours twice a year (2 times a year) to do website management or maintenance. The objective of this maintenance is Read more

SEO Plan: Daily SEO Website Management and Maintenance

This is the SEO plan. In weekly SEO website management and maintenance package, the consultant uses at least 120 minutes each day (at least 240 times a year) to do SEO related Read more

Custom One Time Website Maintenance

Custom one time website maintenance is a package refer to the work that is done once based on task and not time and charged per page. The service intended for website that need to Read more

Coming Soon Page – Free – Save 100%

Summary A Coming Soon page is a 1 static web page that contains merely advertisement about the coming page plus owner contacts and sometimes with a subscription form. Suitable for Read more

Blowout (Enterprise) web design plan 0 TZS. 1,400,000 Save 7%

Summary The Blowout (large) Website Design Plan suitable for large companies with too much contents to display. This is the website with 200-300 web pages website.  Suitable for large static Read more