Why Us?

We are experienced WordPress website developers/designer since 2007 making 10 years of experiences. We can redesign, edit, design, develop websites, blogs and other systems using WordPress Platform. We always maintain affordability for all our services

Our design/development focuses on five areas below:

  1. Fastest loading websites for effective friendly website
  2. Responsive website to quickly load and be accessible via all devices like tablets, smart phones and desktops
  3. Easy and simple navigation and layout for robust visitors engagement
  4. Very secured system against hackers and spammers
  5. Web visit analytics to where, what and how many visits per day, week, month etc

Why WordPress?

Below are five reasons why WordPress over Joomla, Drupal and many other systems

  1. Among all platforms WordPress is used by 55% of all worldwide
  2. It is a simple platform to manage your website than joomla, drupal, expressengine and many others
  3. WordPress has a huge online documentation and support which is very important when it come to website management
  4. WordPres is really cheap and open source stuff from plugins to themes unlike other like joomla or drupal
  5. WordPress is fast and scalable hence good for

Work with us!

If one or more of the five questions below relate to you, please contact us and we will work together to resolve the matter.

  1. Don’t you have a website and looking to have one build in WordPress? – we can build the one for you
  2. Do you have a static website and want to migrate to WordPress ? – we will do it for you
  3. Do you have a website which is developed using non WordPress and want to migrate to WordPress ? – we can migrate it for you
  4. Do you you have a WordPress site that need serious editing and or redesigning? – we can also do it for you at affordable price
  5. If you have a WordPress website that need extensive via forums, directories, blogs, , social bookmarking we will be glad to work for you – we will first conduct a free audit for your website to see if it is ready for .

Contact Us

For more details, demonstration, Q and A please call us to visit your office OR  visit our office, give us a call or send us a message via the contacts given below:

: InfoCom Center Limited

Location: Swahili Street, Sinka Court Building, Ground floor, Behind Bondeni Secondary School.

Office Tel:  +255272546430/+25573 297 8002,

Cellphones: +25578 766 5050/+25575 564 6470/+255762874630

Emails: [email protected]webmaster.co.tz, [email protected]

Websites: www.infocomcenter.comwww.webmaster.co.tz

: https://www.facebook.com/webmastertanzania