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Website Management

SEO Website Management or Maintenance (Webmaster) Plans

Website Management Banner Objective The objective of the web management or maintenance service is to keep your website alive with regular content and scripts update in order to make the website secure and Read more

Business SEO Website Management Plan – Weekly Maintenance

In Business SEO Website Management package, the consultant will use at least 120 minutes each week (48 times a year) to do website management. This package and service aim to Read more

FREE Website Management or Maintenance

We offer FREE website management if work is minor and for websites designed and hosted by us. We charge the work that requires multiple pages editing Read more

One Time Website Maintenance and Updating

The website maintenance package is suitable for website owner with specific requirements to maintain and update the website.  The webmaster will use about 2 hours The service include but not limited Read more

Semi Annual Website Management/Maintenance

In the above mentioned website maintenance package, the consultant will use at least 2 hours twice a year (2 times a year) to do website management or maintenance. The objective of this maintenance is Read more

Enterprise SEO Website Management Plan – Daily Maintenance

In Enterprise SEO Website Management package , the consultant will use at least 60 minutes each day (at least 240 times a year) to do SEO related website management. This package Read more

Custom One Time Website Maintenance

Custom one time website maintenance is a package refer to the work that is done once based on task and not time and charged per page. The service intended for website that need to Read more