About Catalog Website web design

The Catalog Website Design Plan is an 8 web pages website for individuals, small organization and institutions that need only online brand presence for their customers. Suitable for a static detailed advertisement with online form

  • Regular Price: TZS 400,000/=
  • Offer One Time CostsĀ  TZS. 250.000 Save 38%

Price Include:

  1. Basic theme design, branding and setup
  2. Content uploading and design (average of 8 static web pages)
  3. Web design: up to 8 pages website
  4. One feedback online form
  5. Gallery (limited to 20 photos)


  1. Available for all customers
  2. Offer must be requested via the web form in webmaster.co.tz
  3. Offer expire in 30 days since the day of publishing

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