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Dynamic vs Static Websites

Will the customer frequently manage the website? Will the customer abandon the website after hosting? Dynamic website are good if frequent managed and updated websites whilst static websites are good Read more

100+ Brands, Celebrities, and Famous Websites Using WordPress

Alanis Morissette Ariana Grande Bata BBC America Beyonce Blackberry Blondie Bloomberg Professional Boing Boing Boingo CNN Blogs Coca-Cola France cPanel Blog Dave Matthews Band Digg Blog Dole Ebay Eddie Bauer Read more

DNS Propagation – Why Domains Take Too Long?

The negative part of the caching process is that different ISP update the caches diferently; some 24 hrs, 36hrs and even others go to 72hrs. The rate of updating the Read more

Facts and Why Unlimited Web Hosting?

Introduction There have been lies spreading around talking negatively about Unlimited Web Hosting Services. This article is written to make clarification, define, give conceptual examples and reasons for Unlimited Web Read more

Web Management (Webmaster) in Tanzania

Web Management (Webmaster) in Tanzania About Website Management We can save your time, frustration, and money by offering robust web management catering today technologies and online presence demands. The problem with many website owners is Read more

VPS Hosting in Tanzania

We are pleased to inform that we are now offering VPS web hosting to take your business into a next level of online presence and be sure to enrich more Read more

SEO friendly web contents

The SEO friendly web contents must be unique (not copied from other websites), grammatically correct and free from spelling errors, no repetitive words etc NB: Search engines like Google penalize Read more