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Website Security

12 Easy Steps to Improve WordPress Site Security – Simple and Clear

Hacked Wordpress Site 12 Steps to follow in order to Mitigate, Restore and Monitor a WordPress Site Under Phishing or Hacking What is phishing? Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such Read more

Email Spamming/Flooding Security

How do you know you are spamming emails? Returned (bounced) emails flooding to your inbox Your Hosting provider will be shutting down your site Common Causes: allowing a Spammer to Read more

Free SSL Certificate for Website Secure Connection

Free SSL Certificate for Secure Connection Dear all website owner webmasters and web designer The recent Google algorithm required that websites should run in a secured mode in order to rank higher in Google search results. Read more

Reasons to why website is suspended by web host

Unsettled Bills A website can be suspended due to unsettled bills related to that domain or website. It can be web hosting annual fee, domain registration fee, the website design Read more

Infected Sites Blocked by Google

Google can detect if your webpage/site is infected. If this happen, Google block all infected sites and sometime remove from the bot indexing schedule Read more

Reasons Why Your IP Address Have Poor Reputation

There are a number of reasons to why your IP address may have been listed by Barracuda and other listing directories as having a poor reputation. The reasons includes: The Read more