Domain Search and Research

Domain SearchWebmaster Tanzania offers domain registration by doing some procedural SEO domain search and research to get the domain that is branded and easy to memorize

The first approach on domain registration is domain research if the expected domain name offers optima and maximum keyword enrichment to make sure your expected website will be available in the first page of search result wherever someone search your primary keyword.  We use Google Adwords Tool to check if our expected primary keyword has some click for global, local or both. Many other tools are available in the internet for domain research and analysis

domain research with Google Adwords Tool

Why domain research?

We do domain research in order to know if the domain will give us a searched keyword. what does these means to internet marketing? searched keyword are keyword used by people regularly to search for products, services or information of interests. The research will give us also an insight of how much the competition is with such keyword if you opt to use.

Example the word webmaster is searched by 2,240,000 monthly with a competition of 2%

We search if the domain is available and research if the keyword included in the domain name is currently searched and have low competition. For domain search, i found this website to be resourceful and simple to use; Try it and you will proof my reference to be correct. Just check the snapshot below.

domain search with

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