Google can detect if your webpage/site is infected. If this happen, Google block all infected sites and sometime remove from the bot indexing schedule

A website can be hacked and injected with JavaScript redirect malware to another malicious site. Some pages of the website may be hacked and that a JavaScript is injected into your site by a third party and may be used to redirect users to malicious sites,” the common inserted code look like this oneĀ  “eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)”. The code can be inserted in HTML, JavaScript or PHP files.

Websites were also warned that server configuration files can compromised. Your site can be cloaking and showing the malicious content in certain situations. It is important to remove the malware and fix the vulnerability to protect site visitors. Webmasters were also urged to keep their software up-to-date and to contact their Web hosts for technical support.

How website are Hacked?

  1. Weak password
  2. Database injection
  3. Outdated scripts
  4. Pirated scripts

The password may be weak if it has the following attributes

  1. Short eg less than 6 characters
  2. Mono characters, eg small letters, capital letters, or numbers only
  3. Contain mainly English or popular terms eg names of big cities, streets, popular names, and any English and other remain international languages preferably English

We urge webmasters and users to use passwords from their native languages and must be unpopular words or use random characters not less than 8 in the following manner

Example of good password:


The above password contain:

  • small letters = 3
  • Capital letters = 3
  • Special characters = 1
  • Numbers = 3
  • Total characters= 10

Example of bad password

1989 (It contain numbers only, short only 4 characters)

Grace (it contain letter only, the name is so popular, English word, short only 5 characters)

What to do if site infected!

  1. Quarantine your site
  2. Assess the damage
  3. Clean up your site
  4. Ask Google to review your site

Download your website including its database and emails any thing associated with.

Delete the hosted account and recreate again

Scan the website using antivirus like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton, Avira to asses the degree of infection. Clean up the detected malicious code/scripts/Trojans.

Upload your website andĀ  scan using website security tools to detect the remained infection and webpages affectedall. Use the website listed below for infection check up

Ask Google to review your website by