The Mini (Small) Website Design Plan suitable for moderate individuals, companies or institutions with average web contents to display to the public ranging between 30 web pages. Suitable for a mid size static website with dynamic contents for institutions with serious and pressing online publicity demands


  1. Regular Price: TZS 800,000/=
  2. Offer One Time Costs  TZS. 720,000 Save 10%

Price Include

  1. Professional theme design, branding and setup
  2. Web design: 100 pages website
  3. Gallery (limited to 200 images)
  4. Free Google analytic account creation
  5. Free YouTube account creation
  6. Dynamic features like
    1. Photo Gallery Script
    2. News and events posting Script  (current and upcoming)
    3. Email subscription Script
    4. Download script for tracking downloads ( profile, brochure, business cards, and other marketing printable materials)
    5. Testimonial Submission Script
    6. Contact form Script


  1. Available for all customers
  2. Offer must be requested via the web form in
  3. Offer expire in 30 days since the day of publishing



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