Nonprofit WordPress Theme Design Sample

The basic WordPress theme design is implemented basing on the limited information gathered from the client. It is a bit monotonous to the designer.

A client must provide the following:

  1. Main color and associated colors (send a sample of graphic item that carries the colors of the website
  2. Logo and banners
  3. Motto, slogan, and any promotional texts

This plan is good for simple and general open ended websites/blogs with no complexity in designs

A customer has little or no influence on how the template would look like

Design fee/price: . 95,000/=

Theme Installation and Configuration

For any theme installation add . 50,000

Installation with contact form and Gallery add . 50,000

Installation and configuring tools add . 50,000

Installation and configuring Security tools add . 50,000

WordPress installation please

Add contents and optimization please see