Fasion WordPress Theme Design Sample

The premium WordPress theme design is implemented basing on the information gathered from the client which include specific brand information and text like main color and associated colors and instruction where the colors should appear.

Graphics like background images, logo, banners, adverts etc and instructions where these backgrounds should appear.
Motto, slogan, and any promotional texts.
Textual content for the following pages, home page, about us, contact us, and at list two different products/services to be offered.
Photos for home page slider, portfolio etc (size must be equal or greater than 1600px
6. At least 3 preferential websites that carry the idea of what you want
This plan is good for moderate demanding web designs.
A customer has moderate influence on how the template would look like
Design fee/price: TZS. 195,000/=

Theme Installation and Configuration

  • For any theme installation add TZS. 50,000
  • Installation with contact form and Gallery add TZS. 50,000
  • Installation and configuring SEO tools add TZS. 50,000
  • Installation and configuring Security tools add TZS. 50,000
  • WordPress installation please WordPress Installation Plans
  • Add contents and optimization please see Web Design Plans