There are 12 different Tanzania domain names categories that gives you a wide option to register a domain that reflect your corporate or product brand .  The domains will enable you to do business for profit or nonprofit, to sell products and or services or even to create blogs and online business using the Tanzanian’s domain identity. While regular domains like .com, .net and .org are the best option for those who need international identity, Tanzania domains are the best option for those who need to get more traffics using Tanzania inclusive keywords or local searches.

Tanzania domains also portray Tanzania identity in the net compare to regular domains. The TLDs  give a business owner a wide range of available domain names that reflect closely to their corporate branding and identity.

List of Tanzania domains available for registration:

.co.tzFor commercial entities as per Tanzania laws.Examples:
.or.tzFor non-profit making organizations.Examples:
.go.tzFor Government entities such as ministries and agencies.Examples:
.ac.tzFor tertiary academic or technical institutions with accreditation.Examples:
.ne.tzFor network people or hardware.Examples:
.mil.tzExclusively for Tanzania Military entities.Examples:
.sc.tzFor schools (elementary, primary and secondary).Examples:
.tv.tzFor Television operators /stations.Examples:
.hotel.tzFor hotel operators.Examples:
.mobi.tzFor mobile phone operators.Examples:
.me.tzFor individual use (any Tanzanian).Examples:
.info.tzFor informational sites such as museum.Examples:

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