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We can save your time, frustration, and money by offering robust web management catering today technologies and online presence demands. The problem with many website owners is that; they do not plan to manage their websites so as to make them alive and active to search engine crawling. The biggest marketing mistake on the Internet is sites that had never been updated or maintained. For this situation don’t either blame visitors for not coming to you website or search engines like Google and Yahoo for not indexing your pages because both visitors and search engines bots though that your website is dead. Even me, I could thought the same.

The major cause is generally lack of appropriate human and technological resources. Not everyone can afford a full time qualified webmaster and pay lamb sum of money including insurance benefits etc.

Whether you are a small, or a larger company, let Webmaster Tanzania be your webmaster. The fee is far less than 10% a full time webmaster. This means that you can save more than 90% of a normal webmaster salary and benefits.

From continual web pages contents updating and management to search engine submissions, Webmaster Tanzania can take care of every detail. Let our staff stay on top of your site and your site primary keywords will stay on the first page of major search engines result pages like Google.

Please see the website management plans to choose and fallout the form to initiate your website success move.

See just how affordable a full time Webmaster from us is!

You don’t have to pay benefits like pension, workman’s compensation and you don’t need to worry about backup when your Webmaster needs a vacation. We’ve got the staff to cover you.

Note that on our advance payment system is encompassed with discounts for you to choose

Webmaster Obligations:

  • To submit to the customer’s contact person a management report as mention in the selected service plan above
  • To advice the customer on any website changes needed to achieve web presence goals and objectives

Online Marketing (SEO)

Introduction for SEO

Wrong SEO consultant go for quick cheap black-hat SEO for quick results and this will ruin your online marketing reputation. We do a genuine SEO for lasting results.

Our approach is white hat SEO to make your most relevant searched terms rank in the first page of Google thus ensuring long term availability and no penalties.

We do website promotion and search engine optimization, internet marketing services for your website through all possible means and make sure that it is ranked higher in Google and Yahoo engines plus other major ones for optimal website traffics. The services included: Search Engines Optimization, Link submission, Pay Per Click Advertising, Directory Listing Campaigns etc. and assuring you to get in touch with the targeted customers.

To benefit from our experiences, skills and ability to market your website, send us a message through our contact form above.

Why web promotion and search engines optimization?

Web promotion and search engine optimization is a must if the purpose of web establishment, was for the sole purpose of attracting more customers to buy your products or services. A website by itself can not promote your products, unless massive and strategic promotion campaigns are designed, well planned and implemented, is when your website will start bringing massive customers to buy your products. Webstar Five Hosting can help you to promote the website on top of first page of Google. Please send us an email or call us for details

What are the things to consider before doing web promotion?

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do you own a tourism company?
  2. Do you own a hotel?
  3. Are you an online marketer?
  4. Are you a blogger
  5. Do you own a business that needs to catch customers through the internet?

These questions and many more need to be answered before one decide to promote his/her website

These facts are not arguable:

  • Marketing is the heart of any business,
  • Being the heart it is the life.
  • No businesses can compete without proper marketing programs
  • No businesses will survive without marketing programs

The recent survey shows that, successful companies used more than 50% of their earning to do marketing. That means, if a company is earning 400bn, 200bn go back to do marketing.

Internet Marketing is the branch of the whole marketing component which deploys and takes advantage of internet and IT technologies to reach the public with the message.

What does our SEO Consultant do to promote your website?

  1. Website audit/analysis to check SE compliance for your website design/development
  2. Website SEO Friendly Re-design (harmonizing webpage content, keyword density, page load etc)
  3. Keyword research and analysis
  4. Submission to major search engines, directories and social bookmarking site
  5. Social network sites membership registration and submission
  6. Pay Per Click Advertising, with leading directory like Google and facebook
  7. Email Marketing and Newsletter advertising
  8. Article Submission

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