Will the customer frequently manage the website?

Will the customer abandon the website after hosting?

Dynamic website are good if frequent managed and updated websites whilst static websites are good for website that are abandoned immediately after design and hosting.

Dynamic website are dangerous if abandoned  since scripts become obsolete over long period if not updated. When scripts stay too long without updates, hackers, crackers and bad guys will hijack your website since most bugs in the scripts will have be known by those bad guys and uses the bugs to temper with your website.

Dynamic website are normally created from wordpress, joomla, drupal, expression engine and ezpublish and much more.

Specifically we master very well wordpress system for web design and authoring. Other mastered system are joomla, drupal and ezpublish. We also design websites of purely html nature. Customers are advised when and why to choose from the  one of the systems mentioned above.

If we discover that a customer need a website to just give static information to the website visitors and they are not ready to frequently manage the website, we then advise to go for static websites like those designed from manual html, dream weaver, websitex5, coffee cup, webpage maker, and other html editors.