The Four Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

  1. Very Easy Platform to Use (Easy to design, easy to manage and maintain, easy to secure and easy to optimize for SEO)
  2. Absolute Free and Open Source (everything related to WordPress is free and open source even the commercial CSS and images are sold at very very reasonable price compare to their rivals)
  3. Scalable Robust and SEO Optimized (By itself, WordPress system is fully SEO optimized, you will just need to improve the optimization depending on the plugins theme and contents you uploaded)
  4. Adequate Support and Documentation: With the large community that is behind WordPress and with a large volume of daily customers who are using the system, WordPress is absolutely the only system/platform on the net with large support in terms of developers, publishers, consultants, technicians, marketers, advisors and all sort of discipline that will influence your website to be online and running profitably. It has reached a level even when you search for something using Google, wordpress related results will hijack your results page with various referral URLs for what you are looking for.

More FACTS About WordPress

According to a January 5, 2017 post on

  • Over 15M websites run on WordPress.
  • WordPress is the most popular content management system on Earth, with nearly 60% of the global CMS market share. read more at
  • Some of the biggest websites in the world run on WordPress, including:
  1. BBC America
  2. Beyonce
  3. Bloomberg Professional
  4. CNN Blogs
  5. Coca-Cola France
  6. cPanel Blog
  7. Ebay
  8. Facebook Newsroom
  9. Flickr
  10. Forbes
  11. General Motors
  12. Google Ventures
  13. LinkedIn
  14. Mashable
  15. Mercedes Benz
  16. Microsoft News Center
  17. MTV News
  18. NASA
  19. New York Post
  20. NFL
  21. Nikon USA
  22. Observer
  23. Reuters Blogs
  24. Samsung
  25. Sony Music
  26. Sweden’s Official Website
  27. The Mozilla Blog
  28. Soma zaidi hapa
  • WordPress plugins have received over 1 billion downloads while
  • WordPress themes have received over 100 million downloads

While these WordPress usage statistics are impressive, they will mean nothing to you and your institution if you do not own a website or a blog made by WordPress We have an extreme experience in

  1. WordPress Installation
  2. Plugin planning and deployment
  3. Theme planning design and deployment
  4. WordPress Content Optimization
  5. WordPress Social Media Optimization
  6. General WordPress SEO
  7. WordPress Security